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Spirit of Life supports several local ministries and missionaries around the world.

Medical missions teams from America bring essential medical equipment, medicine, and vitamins to and conduct clinics in Nigeria and Cameroon.

Bishop Vasil Elenkov
United Churches of God of Bulgaria
Bishop Elenkov is a  Bulgarian  national who knows first-hand about Christian suffering under a former Communist government.  He is very humble, but his testimony gives him away as a true hero of the faith.  Responsible for the existence of hundreds of churches in Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan, and India, he is the founder of a Christian university and Bible training school.  Today, by the grace of God, his university is called upon to train chaplains for the Bulgarian military and government workers in the health department.
Woodbury, MN food shelf
Bishop Stenio Capre
Harvest of Haiti
The nation of Haiti is located on a Caribbean island to the East of Cuba, which it shares with the Dominican Republic.  Haiti, which was once a French colony, now struggles to survive economically and spiritually.  The primary religions here include a mixture of Catholicism and Voodoo rituals, resulting in spiritual darkness, demon possession, poverty, and sickness.  Stenio Capre is sharing the light of the Gospel here.  He has founded hundreds of churches and has set for himself a goal of planting 1,000 churches in Haiti.
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Dr. C.P. Thomas
Compassion of Agape
India is the seat of Eastern religion and the New Age Movement.  It is a stronghold of Hinduism, Islam and demon worship resulting in sickness and poor living conditions.  Compassion of Agape is an organization founded by Dr. C.P. Thomas in 1985 to bring hope to his homeland.  This ministry includes an orphanage, English school and Bible training school.  Compassion of Agape is also the "umbrella” organization for Grace Fellowship, a ministerial fellowship which is responsible for preaching and planting churches all over India.

Bishop Ben Egbujor
Manna Foundation
The country of Nigeria is plagued with poor living conditions, lack of fresh water and a widespread HIV/AIDS epidemic.  The most tragic victims here are children who are often orphaned without hope.  Manna Foundation and Bishop Ben Egbujor offers these children hope by taking them in and giving them a home, nutrition and education.  Through this ministry many young people receive career or ministry training that they can take out into the world to make a difference.
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Pastor Leonid Kisel
Apostolic Bible Church
The Kisel family has a strong history of faithfulness to the work of God.  Their story includes decades of persecution, imprisonment and suffering for the Gospel under the former Soviet government.  Members of this family still remember meeting secretly, being raided by the KGB and always wondering if new members were really government spies.  Today, Pastor Kisel and his family have successfully completed construction of a beautiful church and are preaching the Gospel freely!
Rev. Dino and Diana Tuttle
Apostolic Youth Ministries
The Tuttles left Minnesota in the early 1980s to begin a mission to the Hispanic communities of Alamo, TX and Veracruz, Mexico.  They have established a thriving church while working full-time jobs, raising a family, and entering retirement.  The Tuttles work in a community struggling with drugs, alcohol, and immigration issues and are responsible for establishing many immigrants as legal citizens who are making a difference in their community.  This ministry operates by faith and never actually asks for financial support.
  Terry & Peggy Schmitt
The Schmitt’s work is primarily centered on working with children at risk, children who have been sexually abused, and children who have been exploited to bring inner healing.
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